The Finger is an international literary magazine based at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY. The diners in our town serve breakfast all day. Their toast may be a little dry at times, but that's why we have homemade jam to sweeten things up. We're talking the real McCoy here, not some mass produced off-the-shelf stuff. And not only is it sweeter than your first kiss, it has seeds in it.

And it gets everywhere. Your lips, beard, fingers. Maybe your shirt, too, if you let go and get all into it.

But no matter how hard you try, that residual, sweet stickiness lingers. Just like The Finger stays with you long after you've devoured an issue. We're the jam to your dry toast. Get a taste of the high-quality, homemade fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art between our covers that comes in from all over the nation, and be ready for your senses to riot. 

Is your piece cross-genre? Experimental? Just don't want to conform to traditional content labels? Use this and we'll figure out the rest. 

We are looking for stories well-told. That make us say...damn, I wish I wrote that. Please include your name and address in the cover letter so we can send you contributor copies once published. 

We accept:
Up to 2 short pieces @500 words
Up to 2 submissions @ 2,500 words or less
Up to 1 submission @ 5,000 words or less

Ends on April 1, 2018

Be it artwork or photography, help us see the world in a way we haven't before. Get weird. Give us a new perspective. In your cover letter, please include an accurate address, so that we may send you copies of the Issue if we decide to publish your materials.

We accept the following:

.jpeg format
4 photos maximum
as high of a resolution as possible